Updated - 07.12.2021

The health and safety of our Members, Guests, and Staff is a top priority.

As we continue to adjust to our "new normal", 10XTO may look a little different, but understand that safety and health remain top of mind. Please note, that physical distancing measures will be in place throughout all areas of the Club.

We appreciate your full cooperation.


Protective masks are required in all public areas for both staff and Members.


Masks must be worn at all times, with the exception of:

  • In the tennis court

  • On the squash court

  • On a piece of gym equipment

  • At your Group Fitness station

  • At the golf tee

  • In the change room where physical distancing can be maintained (ie. shower)

Effective November 10, 2020, the Club has implemented a 3-strike policy.

The first 2 strikes will be a warning from the Club staff, reminding the non-masked Member to wear their mask when not engaging in physical activity.

The 3rd strike will result in a 1-week Club suspension.

A mask is required as soon as you exit any of the above mentioned areas. For example, a mask must be replaced at the end of a squash match, before exiting the court, and when moving between stations on the fitness floor.

Sanitization stations will be placed throughout the Club; be sure to sanitize your hands frequently during your time at the Club.

Avoid rubbing your face and mouth as much as possible.

Using your own personal protective equipment (PPE) is required while not playing or on a piece of equipment or machine.


Cleaning and maintenance of equipment, courts, restrooms, front desk, handles, and elevators will be done throughout the day to ensure your safety.

Staff are required to wear protective masks throughout the day, unless on court.

We understand that these are uneasy times. As we see our 10XTO community as family, we encourage you to speak to one of our Staff Members if you see something unsettling or unsanitary.


  • Front Desk will have a Staff Member on-hand to assist with check-in and any questions you may have. Tennis balls may be purchased at front desk.


We ask our Members to adhere to the following:

  • Members are required to sign the COVID-19 Waiver & Declaration upon arrival to the Club.

  • Members are asked to check-in at the Front Desk before each session.

  • Temperature checks will be done at entry check-in for every visit.

    • Members are required to stop at the front desk upon entry, and prior to moving throughout the Club. The North elevator will be your point of entry from the front entrance and parking garage only and will be locked to all floors above the Ground Floor. The South elevator will be used to move throughout the Club to different floors.​

  • If any Member is showing signs of a fever, cough, sore throat or flu-like symptoms, we kindly ask that you stay home until cleared to return by Public Health/your doctor.​

  • If any Member or Members' family (same household) has recently returned from a trip outside of Ontario, please stay home until cleared to return by Public Health.your doctor.

  • Only Members with pre-arranged bookings and/or pre-arranged locker room pickups will be permitted into the Club.

  • Only Members with a gym reservation will be permitted onto the gym floor or in the Strength Zone.

  • Parents and/or guardians of HP Juniors are asked to drop-off only unless they are a registered Member.

  • Members are asked to maintain physical distancing, where possible, around all areas of the Club.

  • Locker rooms will be available to Members where physical distancing will be enforced.

  • Steam rooms are closed and are not available until further notice.

  • Parking will continue to be via the underground parking lot, we ask that you park with a reasonable space between your car and others.


Primetime Tennis*

Monday-Friday 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 1:00pm

*Primetime court time is reserved for Members with a tennis sectional only. Non-sectional Members and Member Guests cannot reserve court time during Primetime hours.

Tennis Court Booking Policies

  • To book, please email frontdesk@10XTO.com, or call 647-475-9295.

  • Changes to reservation allotments: Singles Bookings 60 minutes (2 names required at time of booking)  |  Doubles Bookings 60 minutes or 120 minutes (4 names required at time of booking).

  • Back-to-back reservations are not permitted (please refer to “Continuous Play” below).

  • Please arrive 10-minutes prior to your court booking.

  • Maximum “PRIMETIME BOOKINGS” – Members have a maximum of 2 Primetime Bookings within a rolling 1-week period (regardless of court type whether playing singles or doubles). For example, if you have a court reserved for Tuesday at 7:00pm and then Thursday at 7:00pm, you will have to wait until you have finished your Tuesday at 7:00pm session before you can book your new reservation.

  • Advanced booking – Members may reserve courts up to 6-days in advance.

  • Continuous Play – If a court is un-booked after Members have completed their play, the available court is offered to the Members who were playing on that court. Members can check in with front desk upon completion of their session, to see if a “walk-on” court is available.


Guest Play

  • Guest of members are permitted for tennis play.

  • Guests are required to check-in upon each visit to the facility.

  • Guests are welcome to park in the underground parking lot, however, parking will not be validated for guests.


Tennis Etiquette

  • Dress code: 10XTO Tennis dress code is in effect during all club hours. All members and member guests are expected to abide by the dress code at all times while on court.

  • Proper tennis shoes must be worn while playing on court – non-marking tennis shoes ONLY.

  • Proper tennis attire is required (“streetwear” is not permitted).


On Court Etiquette:

  • Out of courtesy to other players, cell phones and pagers should be put on silent

  • Players must remove any garbage from the courts upon completion of their session

  • Please arrive on court on the hour (:00) and leave the court at the sound of the buzzer (:55). This will allow fellow members to start on time and cleaning to take place.


Group Tennis & Additional Programming

  • Group tennis capacity – Maximum of 4 players per court (5 including the coach)

  • TENNIS SOCIALS – Tuesday Night Open Court Socials are back! Socials will occur every 2nd Tuesday. Registration opens 6 days prior to the event (Wednesday of the prior week). Capacity = 16 players. Priority to book will go to tennis sectional members.

Please Note: The tennis ladder is currently suspended and will resume at a later date.


Physical Distancing on the Tennis Court

Please practice the following measures for your tennis session:

  • Sessions will be limited to Singles Play, Doubles (partnered with Member from same household), private and semi-private lessons
  • Members are asked to only arrive 10 minutes prior to their session and to leave following their session
  • Use of own equipment:
  • Tennis Balls:

    • Please bring your own tennis balls for your session; cans may be purchased at the front desk for your convenience.
    • We encourage you to mark/stamp your tennis balls to avoid accidentally touching the neighbouring courts’ tennis balls – bingo dabbers are available at the front desk
    • Please limit the number of tennis balls to six balls per court unless participating in a lesson.
    • If a ball from the neighbouring court has rolled onto yours, return the ball by using your racket and not your hand.

  • Water Fountains will be available to refill your water bottle only.
  • Racket Demos will be temporarily unavailable during this time.
  • Please avoid touching the tennis nets as much as possible. If needed, please use your racquet.
  • Players shall sit on separate benches during the session



Masks are required at all times when on the Fitness Floor or in the Strength Zone. Masks can be removed when on a piece of equipment or performing an exercise. We kindly ask you to put your mask back on when traveling throughout the gym or from one piece of equipment to the other.

Gym Bookings:

  • Members workouts must be booked in advance via the MyWellness app or phone call to the front desk reception: drop-in workouts will not be offered at this time.
  • Reservations are limited to 12 per time slot in the 4th Floor Fitness Centre, and 4 per time slot in the Strength Zone.

  • One 80-minute workout/gym floor booking will be available per member per day.

  • 60, 45 or 30 minute personal training sessions will be available. Bookings arranged with your assigned fitness team member.

  • While we have a full cleaning staff available, we ask that members kindly wipe down all equipment after use (cardio machines, dumbbells, strength machines, small soft equipment, etc.).

  • 10XTO Fitness Staff will be available to you for any questions or concerns, and are required to wear protective masks at all times.


Accessing the Gym:

  • Arrive a maximum of 10 minutes prior to your gym floor or personal training booking.
  • Use Member parking and take the elevator to Ground floor.

  • Members will sanitize hands, have temperature checked, fill out a waiver and use the South elevator to access the 2nd, 4th and 5th floors accordingly.

  • Once a Member has arrived on the 4th floor, they must wait in the 4th floor reception area until their time slot begins. Early access will not be permitted.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided and must be used prior to entering and exiting all studios and the gym floor.


Staff Supervision:

  • Management, Fitness Coaches and Fitness Professionals will be scheduled to monitor both the gym and the Strength Zone during Member workouts and personal training sessions.


Class/Session Management:

  • When entering the studio, members will be permitted one at a time by the instructor in order to maintain a social distance.
  • Participants must stay in their designated training spaces, and/or mat.

  • Each participant must use their own designated equipment and not pick up any equipment that is not in their training space.

  • All equipment needed for the class will be pre-set by 10XTO staff, sanitized and ready for use.

  • Members may bring their own mat if they wish.

  • Upon class completion, members will exit the studio one person at a time (as facilitated by the instructor).

  • All in-studio classes will be 45 minutes in length.


Fitness Facility Services:

  • Water Fountains will be available to refill your water bottle only, not for drinking from directly.  Members must bring their own personal water bottle to use as cups will not be provided.
  • Fitness Associates must practice physical distancing at all times; their availability to provide assistance during workouts is limited.


Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Protective masks are to be worn at all times while in transit through indoor Club spaces, including while waiting in designated areas for workouts and training sessions.
  • During workouts and personal training sessions, protective masks and gloves are at Members’ discretion.


Health and Safety Protocols:

  • Physical distancing will be strictly enforced.
  • Members are required to leave the 4th floor Fitness Centre or Group Fitness class upon completion of their time slot.


Other Important Details:

  • Cancellation policy is in effect: 24 hours notice is required.
  • Personal training sessions: Full 60-minute personal training rate will be applied for late cancellation or no-shows.


Class/Session Management:

  • HOT YOGA STUDIO 9+ instructor.
  • STUDIO X 6+ instructor.
  • PILATES REFORMER 5+ instructor.
  • CYCLE STUDIO 11+ instructor.
  • STRENGTH ZONE 4+ instructor.
  • Members are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of the class.
  • The instructor will allow participants to enter the studio individually.
  • Each class will be set up with a mat and all necessary props needed for the class prior to members entering the studio.
  • At the end of each class, the instructor will instruct the members to leave one at a time on a timely basis.
  • We will allow for 30 minutes between each class for the props and studios to be deep cleaned by our staff.
  • Virtual Group Fitness class will be offered Monday and Thursday at noon via MyWelness LiveStream to all members.
  • Upon re-opening, we will continue to offer a combination of online, in-studio and outdoor class options for Members.
  • Members are required to pre-sign up for classes using the MyWellness app to secure their spot.


Guidelines on the Squash Court

Please practice the following measures for your squash session:

  • Face masks must be worn when entering and exiting the court. Only when on the court may the mask be removed.
  • To book a court please contact the front desk via email at frontdesk@10XTO.com, or phone 647-475-9295.
  • 45-minute court bookings available.
  • When on court, players should avoid touching any of the walls, floors, other surfaces and their face.
  • Between court times, court doors and door handles must be sanitized.
  • Continuous Play - if the court is un-booked after Members have completed their play, the available court is offered to the members who were playing on that court. Members can check with the front desk upon completion of their session to see if "walk on" court is available.
  • Use of own equipment:


Squash Balls:

  • Please bring your own squash ball for your session; squash balls may be purchased at the front desk for your convenience.
  • We encourage you to try to touch the squash ball with your racquet and not your hand, as much as possible.

  • Water Fountains will be available to refill your water bottle only.
  • Racket Demos will be temporarily unavailable during this time.
  • Players shall sit on separate benches during the session.

Guest Play

  • Guest of members are permitted for tennis play.

  • Guests are required to check-in upon each visit to the facility.

  • Guests are welcome to park in the underground parking lot, however, parking will not be validated for guests.



Guidelines in the TopGolf Swing Suite

Please practice the following measures for your TopGolf Swing Suite booking:

  • Maximum 4 people in the TopGolf Swing Suite at any time.
  • You must sanitize your hands upon entering the Swing Suite.


Temporarily Closed until further notice.

  • Members are asked to contact the Front Desk to make a reservation in the Play Centre – maximum 3-hour time slots per day will be available

  • The Play Centre capacity is 4 children at a time, booking will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis

  • All children must wear a mask at all times and follow social distancing guidelines

  • Upon entering the Play Centre, children will have their temperature checked with a contactless thermometer and a parent will be required to sign a waiver

  • Parents must provide a phone number in which they can be easily reached and where they can be found at the club during their child’s stay

  • Personal devices (such as iPads or handheld game consoles) can only be used under Play Centre attendant supervision

  • All outerwear, backpacks and lunch bags must be hung up on the hooks provided directly inside the Play Centre

  • 10XTO Play Centre attendants will only be able to provide non-physical gestures to assist children. If contact is required, a parent will be called

  • Children will be required to social distance while in the Play Centre, monitored and enforced by Play Centre attendants

  • Until further notice, we will not be providing activities that involve sharing of toys, game pieces, etc.

  • Snacks are permitted, however, the child must be able to eat unassisted

  • Children will not be permitted to share food, unless they are from the same household

  • The Play Centre will close if there are no children visiting during the last hour of operation