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The information on this page is exclusive for Registered Guests of Hotel X Toronto


The Next Level of Hotel Fitness

Hotel X Toronto offers a sports and fitness experience unmatched by any city hotel in North America. Our accomplished team of renowned personalities created an incomparable guest experience in a stunning and deliberately designed space.

As a registered guest of Hotel X Toronto, we encourage you to enjoy complimentary access to the 4th Floor Fitness Centre Gym, as well as a variety of additional activities, listed below, at exclusive rates. 

Activities available to registered guests of Hotel X Toronto:

4th Floor Fitness Centre Gym

Tennis (Court bookings & private lessons)

Group Fitness Classes

Personal Training Sessions

Squash (Court bookings & private lessons)

Sport Simulator

Play Centre


How to Access 10XTO as a Registered Guest of Hotel X Toronto:

1. Enter 10XTO Athletic Club through the 4th Floor of the hotel, using your room key card for access.

2. When you enter the athletic club, you will see the Play Centre on your left, and a hallway on your right.

3. Follow the hallway on your right where you will see a 10XTO Front Desk staff at the desk who will check you in for your activity.

How to Book:

All 10XTO activities, with the exception of lessons (tennis or squash) and personal training, can only be booked once you are checked in as a registered guest at the hotel.

To book your activity, please use the button below to contact the 10XTO Front Desk.

For any inquiries about 10XTO prior to checking in, please contact the 10XTO Front Desk at

Group Fitness


Four world-class indoor tennis courts offering views of the surrounding city and lake.

Tennis Fees:

1 Hour Court Booking | $50

Ball Machine Rental | $75

1 Hour Private Lesson | starting at $145*

applicable taxes not included

*Must be booked 7 days in advance.

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There are 4 Group Fitness Studios - Hot Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Studio X, and the Strength Zone.

Class Fees:

Group Fitness Class | $25

Pilates Reformer Classes | $40

applicable taxes not included

Click here to view the

Group Fitness Schedule.



Result-based Personal Training take place in our fully equipped state-of-the-art Technogym fitness facility.

*Must be booked 7 days in advance.

Personal Training Fees:

1 Hour PT Session | $120 + HST

45 Minute PT Session | $95 + HST

30 Minute PT Session | $75 + HST

applicable taxes not included

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A total of 8 glass back squash courts - 7 singles and a doubles, over 2 levels, guests will enjoy an unmatched squash experience.

Squash Fees:

45 Mins Court Booking | $30

45 Mins Private Lesson | starting at $130*

applicable taxes not included

*Must be booked 7 days in advance.

Personal Training



The Sports Simulator is paired with comfortable lounge seating, an HDTV, and a variety of golf and virtual game options.

Sports Simulator Fees:

Half Hour Booking | $22.50

1 Hour Booking | $45

applicable taxes not included

Kids Play Centre.jpg


Run by highly trained and motivated caregivers and 3,000 sq. ft., this Play Centre is the ultimate kids' destination equipped with its own sports court, age-appropriate toys and books, and 4 video game consoles.

Play Centre Fees:

1 Hour Booking (1st Child) | $17

1 Hour Booking (additional child) | $6

applicable taxes not included

Sports Simulator
Play Centre
Fitness Centre


Complimentary access for Registered Guests of Hotel X Toronto.


Fitness Floor Rules & Regulations

  • Accessible 24-hours

    • Only staffed during club operating hours (Weekdays | 6:00am - 10:00pm, Weekends | 7:00am - 6:00pm)​

  • We encourage guests to clean up any equipment after usage with cleaning wipes provided

  • Ages 11 and under are NOT permitted on the Fitness Floor

  • Ages 12 - 15 must be accompanied by their parents

  • Ages 16-17 need their parents to sign-in for them

  • Ages 18+ are able to freely access the Fitness Floor


$5,000 Ontario Indoor Doubles Championship Open (10000)(35)_edited.jpg


Open during club operating hours.


Pickleball Fees:

Half Hour Booking | $15

1 Hour Booking | $30

applicable taxes not included

Booking Policy

Booking Policy

  • The following bookings can only be made when a guest is checked in to their stay:

    • Tennis court bookings

    • Squash court bookings

    • Pickleball court bookings

    • Group Fitness Classes 

    • Sports Simulator bookings 

    • Play Centre bookings

  • Minimum court bookings are 30 minutes.

  • Demo equipment for tennis, squash, sports simulator, and pickleball are available upon request and included in the booking.

  • Personal Training, Tennis Lessons and Squash Lessons | must be booked minimum of 7 days in advance.

  • Play Centre | Minimum booking is 30 minutes, Maximum booking is 3 hours.

To book your activity as a registered guest of Hotel X Toronto, please contact the 10XTO Front Desk using the button below.

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