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10XTO Tennis Member Goes Pro

Adrian Catahan is a 17-year old former 10XTO member, who has started his professional tennis career overseas in Italy.

Adrian joined 10XTO in January of 2020, where he began training with Tennis Pro Mike Pietras. As an advanced player, Mike helped Adrian improve on his tactical game, while also fine-tuning his stroke and foot-work. Adrian then worked with fitness instructor Morgan Branch in the gym to improve his overall physical fitness and stamina. This is where his tennis game really took off. After training with Mike and Morgan, Adrian went on to win multiple O.T.A Provincial Tournaments, before being scouted by the Italian Tennis Federation.

Although Mike and Morgan were able to help bring Adrian's tennis game to the next level, his father Richard says it's the culture and convenience of 10XTO that made the club so special. "The club completely exceeded our expectations. The staff were amazing, and the quality of the facilities were exceptional. Adrian couldn't wait to get out there and play. Having the weight room right beside the courts really motivated him to get in shape after playing," said Richard. "Having tennis professionals like Mike Pietras and Daniel Nestor telling him he had a chance was what really kept Adrian motivated to keep going and pursue a career in tennis. Mike was so accommodating with Adrian's schedule and would show up as early as 6 a.m. to help warm him up for tournaments. He was amazing."

Adrian grew up in North Bay Ontario, so having the Hotel attached to the club made it very easy for his family to stay and watch him play on weekends. "My wife and I would come watch him Friday, Saturday and Sunday and enjoy all the hotel has to offer while we we're there. It was very convenient for us," said Richard.

Adrian is now training in Italy ahead of his first ATP tournament at the end of February. He will spend the next few months on tour and from all of us at 10XTO, we wish him the best of luck!

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