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Reigniting Your Passion for Fitness

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

As a fitness professional I constantly hear how difficult it is to get ‘back’ into fitness for many people and how daunted they are by their current fitness level. 2020, especially, has been one of the most difficult years for so many to stay active and motivated. My first response to any person that tells me they are struggling with their fitness level after the pandemic is, SAME!

We all went from entering beautiful energetic classrooms or powerful and motivating gym floors to watching a small screen, struggling to hear the instructor/trainer as we tried to keep it down for our partner, neighbour, family member, cat etc. No matter what your situation, if you went from working out in a public space to home, you most likely struggled both physically and mentally.

For me personally, I found it so hard to motivate my clients without seeing their beaming faces and hearing their breath has they moved through every challenging posture in yoga or pushed each lift in a training session. All I wanted is to be with people again and share energy and enthusiasm. Finally, we are given the chance to reset and comeback!

Now, believe it or not, here comes the hard part. Due to the fact that we became conditioned to do everything from our homes and we now have the opportunity to LEAVE and be with each other again, we must retrain not only our bodies, but our minds to make the necessary adjustments. This means, preparing food the evening before, setting your alarm earlier, ensuring that you hydrate and nourish your body throughout the day to maintain higher levels of energy, and honestly, just staying positive. This is a lot easier said than done. The back and forth with restrictions and limitations led us all to feel deflated and seemingly, for some, give up on their activity entirely.

It has been a long, frustrating and uncertain road, but now, here we are, able to move freely, outdoors, with each other. To see faces, to smile, breathe, be motivated and challenged by one another and to simply feel free. And I am here to tell you that sometimes, that’s the only perspective you need to get right back into your fitness journey, or to start a new one completely. To simply acknowledge that you are free, you are able, and you will be welcomed with joy by any trainer or fitness professional that has felt how I have felt. We are here for you, we are ready to push you and we are ready to simply move with you.

The set back is only a setup for a comeback, so get ready for it and just show up, that’s all you need to do. Leave the rest up to us, we got you and have been waiting for you!

Serena Virtue

Fitness Manager

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