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Cold Plunge and Breathing Workshop

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

On Sunday, October 2nd 10XTO Club had the first Cold Plunge and Breathing workshop experience.

Twenty of our Members took part in a unique workshop that included breathwork, mind-body connection, and breaking through some of our personal barriers as we dipped into baths of ice. 🧊

We are extremely grateful to our Members who participated in this exciting adventure.

As we concluded our event in the Members Lounge over wine, there was a collective feeling of relaxation, radiance, discovery, and accomplishment.

The opportunity to collaborate with the wellness professionals at Unbounded was truly amazing. If there are any questions about breathwork, cold exposure, cold/hot cycling, or Unbounded and their different workshops we would recommend visiting their website

Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we are committed to scheduling additional workshops for our Members in the future.

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