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Fall/Winter Supplement Routine - Fitness Pro Edition

Ahhh… sweater weather!

It’s that time of the year… warm meals and hot drinks, shorter days, and cozy loungewear. The season when staying curled up at home seems the most appealing!

While it’s all fun and games for a minute, we all know that getting out of routine has its downsides and Nutrition takes a turn. We move a lot less than usual, our motivation plummets, and we don’t seem to have the energy that we once did.

While staying on top of your health and wellness might feel like more of a challenge during this time, it’s by no means impossible!

Just like the change in season, we must adapt our routines to our environment.

A well-balanced and diverse diet, quality sleep, and daily movement are by far the most

important to feeling and performing your best, but sometimes during the colder months, we need a little extra support in our regimen.

Our fitness pros have carefully lined up their go-to supplements for the season that help keep

them on top of their game and feeling their best year round!

Serena Virtue

- Select Vegan Protein

- Prolific Pre Workout

- High Volume

- PVL Glutamine Gold+ 1100g

- Biosteel Sports Greens Powder

Eddy Nguyen

- Vega Sport Pre-Workout

- Schinoussa Electrolytes

Jessica Cobus

- Platinum Naturals Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops

- Host Defense Turkey Tail Capsules

- Suku Mega Magnesium

- PEScience Whey Protein

- ALLMAX CytoGreens

Mike Pietras

- Pure Protein Bars

- LMNT Electrolyte Powder

Morgan Branch

- Crossfuel Pre Workout

- PVL Whey Gold

- Progressive VegeGreens

Disclaimer: please consult with a healthcare professional before taking any supplements

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