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Garrison x 10XTO | Retail 2.0: Pro Shop Lab

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Garrison Bespoke who have recently kitted out the Pro Shop, bringing in colour, variety, and unmatched quality with their clothing.

Below, Garrison have outlined what they have brought to the Pro Shop, why they decided on these items to feature, and how you can purchase any of the below items at the 10XTO Pro Shop* today!

*The 10XTO Pro Shop is open to the public.

  • Knowing our clients lifestyle - we know that it has changed significantly over this past year. Fitness, health and wellness are still a big part (if not more now) of their lives, as well as finding new ways to work, outside of the traditional office, at their home office. Through this, the way we dress has changed and a blurring of the lines has formed between fitness, lifestyle and work clothing.

Our integration with 10XTO is more than just a shop - it's a new way to work and meet.

  • "Pro Shop" of the future: the clothing on site is created for on-court leisure play and off court post-match clothing and accessories.

  • Our philosophy of Performance and Lifestyle Tailoring is about extending tailoring principles into everyday life. With a focus on comfort, performance, and a modern take on dressing with new and evolving items that integrate into the way we work, live and socialize today.



Lake Como Swim Trunks

The new version of our Summer '21 Lake Como Swim Trunks are in. Designed with our maker in Como, Italy, the Lake Como Swim Trunk is the ultimate in Summer casual cool. The custom "Garrison" bandana pattern was developed exclusively for this run. The Garrison embroidery is on the left leg. Available in baby blue, navy, red and green as seen below.

Captains Collar Polo

Our new Captains Collar Polo has a one-piece collar inspired by the old traditions of vacation life, when jet-settlers used to spend their summers in the French Riviera. This type of collar is a hybrid of a Cuban shirt and a polo shirt.

Its the Polo that looks phenomenal with the collar popped to cover the neck and as a rakish look in the evening under a blazer. A chance to show some sartorial style with a casual, performance fabric.

Luxury Summer T-Shirt

The New Luxury Summer T-shirt is tailored for summer/tailored for comfort/tailored for versatility. A soft and silky, light and luxurious 100% modal fabric with natural stretch.

Incredible breathability which allows moisture to move to the fabric's surface where it evaporates. The perfect fabric to wear under a suit jacket and has no transparency.

The Essentials ⬇

Our new Performance Sweats in a "Bright Spring" pack.

Done in washed pastel color ways, designed with a drop of shoulder, brushed cotton and fleece inner.

Full pack available in-store in limited quantities.

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